Kerry Grombacher brought original and traditional music to the OutWest Concert Stage as he gave the Repertory East Playhouse audience his vision of the West.

Journey with Kerry Grombacher through his vision of the West and its tapestry of stories – many hidden from popular view.  You’ll be enthralled and informed, as well as entertained! Here’s what others are saying about New Orleans-based singer/songwriter Kerry Grombacher.

“Kerry Grombacher is the best kind of songwriter, with lyrics that take us on journeys to places we’ve never visited before, and melodies so pure and true that they seem to rise up from the plains,” said Nalini Jones of the Newport Folk Festival.
Kerry Grombacher “is one of the West’s new breed, who builds on, embellishes, expands and updates traditional Western themes,” wrote Richard Slatta for Cowboys & Indians Magazine.

“For nearly two hours, Grombacher stood alone at center stage with a microphone and his guitar, a bottle of water at his feet. What poured from him were some of the most insightful and skillfully-crafted songs you will ever hear,” wrote Chuck Mittan for the Superior Express of Superior, Nebraska.